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      Mechanical Service

      You and your bike, the unbreakable couple! One without the other can not compete. That's why, the condition of your bike and your physical condition are the most important. Your bike has to go through the muddy routes, strong impacts, day by day. We can relieve it every day. Starting with cleaning your bike and ending with the complete repair and revision. So you can relax for the next stage.


      The best way to get ready for your competitions is with us.

      If you are our customer, you already have the assistance and advice from our coach, he can help you with any questions, on your training.

      You have an EXCLUSIVE and INDIVIDUAL service based on our knowledge, experience and participation in the best races in the world, our coach will prepare a personalized plan to face in the best possible conditions the competition that you choose.


      Massage Service

      Competitions by stages are especially hard for your legs. You have to pedal many kilometers and your body suffers, if you don't have professional treatment.

      Our masseurs will give you a massage every day, so you can recover quickly for the next stage. The motto is to prevent rather than cure.

      The daily and individual treatment makes the masseur follow your daily evolution and be aware of your needs anytime.


      After so many years and many competitions, we are the only company that has a personal counseling area in everything that you could need in any of the races in which you participate.

      Logistics, mechanics, massage, travel, transfers, tours, etc. If you have any questions, we are ready to solve them.

      We can help you in every race, type of training, nutrition you need, what bike you have to carry, which clothes, everything you need to be ready. Do not hesitate to contact us. Everything has a solution.

      Also when looking for your best travel option for the dream career we put you in touch with the company with more experience in this type of trip:

      VALUA TRAVEL travel@valuatravel.com

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