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More than 10 years of experience at national and international MTB competitions, MASQUEBICI is a highly professional team.

We provide integral service to riders at all the stages during the races.

Permanently in touch with the biker, allows us to know the exact needs of each individual at any kind of competition. Our motto is to “assist the biker as much as possible so he can achieve his personal challenge”. We customize each one of our clients.

We are constantly looking for new races, trying to expand.


Each competition is distinct and requires totally customized training and logistic.

There’s a huge difference between a race at the desert than a race at the Pyrenees. That’s why apart from mechanical and massage service, we offer other services, so you can enjoy 100% of the competition.

Services that you can hire:

  • Registration

  • Mechanical Service

  • Massage Service

  • Coach (who will guide you personally for training, nutrition, etc.)

  • Accommodation (hotels, cabins, motorhomes)

  • Transport (bicycle, airport-hotel)

  • Flight tickets


Long distance competitions are tough and they have an impact to the rider’s body and to the structure of the bike. During the races, fatigue and lack of energy are noticed day by day. That’s why the presence of our mechanics and masseurs is so important.

Massage service

Long distance races are especially tough for your legs. Pedaling that much kilometers will make your body suffer if you do not have a professional treatment.

The goal is to prevent rather than cure, so our masseurs will give you a massage every day, so you can recover quickly for the next stage.

The daily and individual treatment makes the masseur follow your evolution daily and be aware of your needs anytime.

Mechanical service

You and your bike, the unbreakable couple! One without the other can not compete. This is the reason why, your bike and your physical condition are the most important. Your bike goes through the muddy routes, hard impacts, day by day. We can relieve it. Starting with cleaning up your bike and ending with the complete repair and overhaul. So you can relax for the next stage.

If you book the full service (massage and mechanics) you will not suffer but to enjoy the adventure.

The complete pack is a guarantee of tranquility so you can focus on the competition. You just need to compete, win, live the experience, we take care of the rest.


MASQUEBICI team is featured by being totally professional and taking a personal care of the client. Besides being the unique company that works exclusively in national and international competitions.


All customers who hire MASQUEBICI services, have free customized attention from our COACH. He can help you in every race, training, nutrition that you might need, which bike should you take, which clothes, everything you could need.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can find a solution info@masquebici.com

See you on your next adventure!


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