The biker goes first. This is the premise of our biomechanics service. With that in mind, what we seek with our studies is the well-being of the biker on the bicycle in any way possible, always approaching the optimisation of posture and pedaling, but without forgetting the rider and his comfort.

Whether you ride electric, mountain, road or triathlon. If you spend long hours on the bicycle as if you use it for transport. On the bike you must be COMFORTABLE. To do this, we will adjust the bike to you by following the next steps:

  • Anthropometric analysis. Our physiotherapist will analyse every joint and muscle restriction to take into account when adjusting your bike. We want to adjust the bike to you, not the other way around.
  • Dynamic bike and cleat adjustment. Any adjustment made to the bicycle must be after an analysis of the same during pedaling. That is why we have a specific movement analysis software for cycling with which, through markers meticulously placed on your body, we can decide instantly and live which setting is the right one for you.
  • Post adjustment reviews. After adjusting the bike, two revisions are included, taking into account that small details may be missing to be polished and achieve maximum comfort on your bike.