Join Valentí Sanjuan at Mongolia Bike Race!

MASQUEBICI and Valentí Sanjuan have traveled together to races all over the world, and now we give you the chance of cycling with us.

From 9 to 17 August we are going to Mongolia Bike Challenge and we have a team of 10 bikers! All levels are accepted, as we will make small groups so that everyone can do the race accompanied.

What's included?

- A full Jabalí equipment so we can all dress the same.

- Registration for the race at a special price (1,950€).

- Briefings of the race together.

- Live together in the camp.

If you were looking forward to participate in a competition like this, but you were scared of going alone, this is the perfect opportunity for you to step forward.

If you want to register, write to and we will manage everything for you.


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