Pack 3 MacGyver

Pack 3 MacGyver

Pack that we offer to repair both the most common and the most complicated breakdowns. Focused on long journeys, long stages where time is not so important but to reach the destination.

  • Pack No. 2 mentioned above.
  • Shift cable in case of breakage or fraying of the cable, both change and diverter.
  • Fine valve adapter; This will allow us to inflate our wheels in any place and with any pump / compressor.
  • Tubeless replacement valve.
  • Patches to repair both the air chamber and the tire.
  • It is always convenient to carry some type of fasteners in case we lose a screw or split it.
  • A part of the CO2 is recommended to carry a small air pump in case we run out of air cylinders. In this case we can always inflate and continue on route.
  • In case of having to repair anything, a pair of plastic flanges will always be fine.
  • It is recommended to carry a pair of spare radios. (material not included in the pack).


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