Our workshop is your bike's spa. In our mechanics hands it will be perfectly checked and taken care so that it does not lack anything. First of all, we are a workshop, we do not sell bicycles, but we take care of them perfectly.

Our main goal is that each bicycle leaves as new from here. Being 100% dedicated to your bike is the way to do it. The same mechanics who leave bikes spotless and do the impossible repairs at Titan Desert, Cape Epic, Swiss Epic, and more, are the ones who will take care of your bike when you bring it in. They are the ones who will make every time you come to pick up your bike look new, even though you live your adventures, they are the ones who suffer those, with the desire to help you at the races, will give everything to make it happen. Your bike comes out perfect.


This is how our mechanics will take care of your bike:

  • Bike Checks. Checking the bike will prevent unexpected problems from arising. If your bicycle is periodically checked by meticulous and professional mechanics, we will be able to avoid those annoying noises that worry us about the bicycle or those unexpected failures that make us have to leave the bicycle in the workshop for a more important repair.
  • Bike Assembling. Whether you have bought a new frame and want to transfer the components from the old frame to the new one, or if you have bought a frame and want us to mount the new components on demand. A perfectly assembled and adjusted bicycle will come out of our workshop.
  • Breaks problems?. From bleeding, pad and lever replacements to piston maintenance.
  • The best for your wheels . Tubelized, tire changes, core maintenance, complete wheel assembly, centring, hub bearing replacement.