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From now on, you who run the most important races around the world will become part of  MASQUEBICI club and will join LA LIGA MASQUEBICI.

There is only one rule, and many rewards: REGISTER in any of the following races through this website at the same price and start scoring.

Transandes (Chile) Mediterranean Epic (Spain) Cape Epic (South Africa) Andalucía Bike Race (Spain) Titan Desert (Morocco) Rioja Bike Race (Spain) BeMC (Belgium) QuebrantaHuesos (Spain) Asturias Bike Race (Spain) Alpen Tours (Austria) Swiss Epic (Switzerland) Transpyr (Spain) Pilgrim (Spain) Alps Epic (France) La Leyenda del Dorado (Colombia) Mongolia Bike Challenge (Mongolia) Catalunya Bike Race (Spain) Transnomad (Spain) Crocodile Trophy (Australia) Wines2whales (South Africa) Transcumbres (Argentina)


"The harder the race, the more points you get"


What makes a race tough? The distance and climbing would be the two clearest factors, although not the only ones. It is not as hard a race with good weather as one with cold and rain, so we also take into account the number of dropouts in the race as a factor that establishes that hardness. More people give up more points get those that end. The final classification of each one can not be forgotten, but is the third position really better than the fourth? Must the one that ends 10th in a race of 200, get the same points that the one that ends 10th in a race of 1000 bikers? We believe it is NOT. This is why we score according to the group in which you finish, dividing the number of participants into 4 groups. If you finish inside the first group you have more points than if you finish inside the fourth group.


If you give up we give you the points earned in km and climbing done at the completed stages. (Surely you have had good reasons) and the effort and courage of trying already has much value.

And if you did your registration with us, but you did not participate, just because you trained, you get 100 point.

Many companies and every day more, they see LA LIGA MASQUEBICI as a project for the future and they support highly. Thanks to them we keep on rewarding the best of each modality.


-Distance: 1 point per total official km. Not real mileage or what the GPS of the rider counts.

-Climbing: 0.1 points per official meter of climbing. Not real mileage or what the GPS of the rider counts.

-Dropouts: 10 points per % of dropouts or non-Finishers that the organization publishes at the end of the event.

-Classification: It's calculated in % depending on the participant's number that the organization publishes at the start of the race. If there are 100 participants:

From 1 to 25: 40 points.

From 26 to 50: 30 points.

From 51 to 75: 20 points.

From 76 to 100: 10 points.

Not Finisher: It will add 1 point per official Km in the completed stages plus 0.1 points per official meter of climbing of the completed stages.

If you were registered to the competition with us, but did not participate, you get 100 points just for the training.

In the case of tie, the classification will be according to position in the classification in the race.


1st VIP pack in along race on 2021.

2nd VIP pack in a 3 days race on 2021.

3rd Services pack: Mechanical and massage services for the race that you choose.


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